I told you guys a few weeks ago that I was delving into the world of essential oils in a kind of professional way.  (Sort of how I do everything – kind of.)

I’m entering Young Living like I enter a swimming pool – I’m a toe dipper.  A wade in first and then take forever to finally dunk my entire head under water.  I have friends who are high dive jumpers.  They’re all in.  There might be a circumstance or two in my life where I have jumped all in, but those tend to be the exceptions for me.  I like to test the waters.

For Young Living my go-to person to swim ahead of me, to whisper encouragement and to give a nudge, is my friend Bri.  Bri is the sister of my friend Jo.  (All in the family, you know.)



If you order essential oils through me, you’ll definitely be getting to know Bri.  So I thought it would be both fun and beneficial to have a Q&A session about once a month highlighting essential oil uses and ideas and answering your questions and mine too.



First, let’s learn a little bit about Bri.  Tell us about you and your family.

Okay!  On the regular stuff side, I’m in my early 40’s, have 2 boys (14 and 10) and my husband’s name is Chad.  We have a Rottweiler named Scout (from To Kill a Mockingbird) and live in Michigan…..though my heart really lives in the Carolinas.  Other tidbits are that I LOVE being outside, it feeds me.  I need my two sisters like I need the air in my lungs.  And, life hasn’t been a walk in the park, but I’m thankful for all of the experiences that have led me to who I am now.



How did you first discover essential oils?

I always had these nagging stomach issues which included frequent stomach pains (UGH, also included frequent trips to the bathroom).  A friend offered me some peppermint to help and it took my pain away within 10 minutes.  I was sold.  Nothing had helped before that and it opened up a world of solutions to other issues for me.

What drew you in to try at first?

We all have those issues that seem to plague us:  headaches, leg cramps, stomach pain, anxiety, etc.  And, I had been so very frustrated at never finding answers or solutions to those issues, just cover ups or a pill.  Oils gave me support and relief when nothing else did.  And, I realized that just “living” with these issues is a lie that none of us should have to believe.

And then what pushed you over the edge to really understand, embrace and educate others about Young Living?

When you love something you want to know more about it, right?  So, I found myself reading and researching and just wanting to know more and more about how oils can support our bodies, I wanted to take full advantage of them.  And, I just kept thinking that every single person on the planet could benefit from these amazing oils.

What’s an essential oil you use nearly every day – or pretty often anyway?

So many to choose from.  But, I definitely use frankincense every day.  I keep it in my bathroom and roll it on my wrinkles (though they’re not so prominent now!) on the daily to help support my aging process……  Frankincense is AMAZING for our skin and needs to be one that you use daily, you’ll thank me later.

(Sidenote: I took Bri’s advice here and this week put a roller lid on my Frankincense and put it in the bathroom to use daily.  I’ll admit – the wrinkles in my forehead seem pretty set in stone skin so I am curious if this could possibly help.)

One of the things I love best about essential oils personally is just their smell.  Maybe that’s not deep or meaningful for dedicated oil users, but I love for my house to smell good and I find a simple and small pleasure in choosing a combination for the day.  Can you give us two or three of your favorite scent combinations and what benefit those scents might have? 

(By the way you guys, I’ve started keeping a list of these combos in the Notes section on my phone for quick reference.)

Everyone loves good smells, right?!  It’s a huge part of our brains and just quality of life, so that’s a great place to start with oils, just enjoy their smells!  I LOVE trying out new combinations and find myself delighting daily in their aromas.  One that I’m loving right now is Orange (which supports our happy emotions) and Peppermint (which can help wake you up).  It smells bright and happy.  I usually put about 3-4 drops of each in my diffuser.  It depends on how strong you’d like the smell, so you can always add less or more.  You just need to experiment with what works for you.

Another combo I love is Stress Away oil (smells like the beach and I can feel my shoulders go down from my ears when I put it on my neck….) and Lemon (again, bright and smells clean). You can’t help but smile when you smell those.

Since I hope to do one of these Q & A sessions each month with you Bri, I don’t want to overwhelm anyone with too much info at once.  I know, for me, that adding one small change weekly or so is helpful to make a lasting change.  With that in mind, can you give us one oil and one use that could become this month’s go-to?

That’s great Lacey and that’s my jam.  I like things to be easy, simple and NOT overwhelming.  So, I would recommend trying lavender this month to help support your sleep.  Just put a few drops onto your pillow (It won’t stain the sheets because YL’s oils are pure and pure oils don’t stain) and sleep well.  Whenever I do this I find myself giggling and smiling because it just smells so darn good.



Thanks!  I love talking with people about oils!




See – isn’t Bri great?

What I’d love is to have you guys share any comments or questions for the next Q&A session we do.  You can ask Bri about specific oil uses or Young Living facts or personal use ideas and stories, totally up to you.

If you are interested in placing an oils order or becoming a member, use the link below.

Young Living Orders.

I’ll be placing my personal order tomorrow night so if you want to try out a specific oil and want me to just order that one for you, let me know and we can work that out too. Frankincense – right? 

(And, in the nature of full disclosure, when you order a kit, I do receive a monetary compensation from your order.  So – thank you!)

Bri also has a Facebook page called Live Deep Oils that you can join to get educated about oils.