All I’ve got today is this ….


Snow is my favorite.

Not my favorite as in I-Want-To-Live-In-A-State-Where-Winter-Means-A-Weekly-Snow-Storm-And-My-Face-Always-Feels-Frozen.

More like my favorite as in Once-Or-Thrice-A-Winter-A-Good-Snow-Storm-That-Shuts-Life-Down.

I love that kind of snow.


I love the finality and the theatrics with which the south treats snow flakes.

Lock down and stay home and eat soup and drink hot chocolate and serve up seven heaping bowls of snow cream in two days.


Play games and build snow men (and snow families complete with kitty cats and snow babies) and build forts and sled down hills and don’t go to work and don’t do school and just be alive with the people you love.


That’s the kind of gift snow brings.  It’s better than Christmas when you think about it.  No expectations and no gift exchanging and no pressure.


And the beauty.

Oh my goodness.  The sky looks blue-er and the white is piercing and the bare trees look like art and when the full moon reflects off the white landscape during the still of an evening I think it’s the best kind of show I’ve seen.


We chose to get ourselves snowed in at the farm and that was perfectly the right choice.