1.  This weekend I started and finished one of the books you guys recommended for me last week.  Charles Martin’s Water for my Heart.  Not so much because I had loads of free time, but because it turned out to be so compelling that I just needed to find out what was going to happen and how it was all going to work out in the end.



2.  The temperature at night in our home rests at about 55 degrees.  I don’t mind the cold so much while I am sleeping, but good day – that temperature makes it rather discouraging to get out of bed come morning.



3.  I’m so grateful that our neighbors raise chickens and sell their eggs to us.  Yesterday for brunch we needed a dozen and Mosely was the lucky one picked to scoot through the woods and buy the eggs.  She wasn’t entirely willing or thrilled.  When she returned I sort of just wanted to stay in bed and see if Charlie Finn could ever get his act together in that novel so I thought about ditching our Sunday morning brunch routine and pitched the idea of all of us just eating cereal in bed.  Mosely protested, “I walked through the woods this morning in my pajamas. I think we need to have bacon and eggs and pancakes like we said.”  She had a good point.  I let Charlie Finn wait while I got my act together and we had a delicious brunch.  I put maple butter on my pancakes instead of syrup.  I was not disappointed.



4.  People always think that kids want to skip classes the week before Christmas break.  Well, teachers want to skip class too.

5.  Speaking of maple butter, you probably won’t be able to get me to stop talking about maple butter for a while, I had it on ice cream Friday night.  I also was not disappointed then either.



6.  The kids have been stuffing my stocking and that’s pretty adorable.  I have no idea what is in there – or where it came from- but I think they’re great for trying to make sure I get presents too.



7.  I like surprises so much that you could place an unwrapped box on my kitchen table and tell me that my present was inside of it.  You could leave the box there for a month before Christmas.  There could be a guarantee that you would never find out if I peeked inside the box or not.  That present would remain unopened, untouched and I would even avert my eyes so as not to read what the box might contain.  I love surprises and I never want hints about gifts and I would never go looking for my gift to know what it was.  Are there other people out there like me?