It’s a good thing my computer saves my password to sign into this blog.

I almost forgot it myself.

It’s been a busy couple a days y’all.

Here’s what I’ve been doing since last I wrote a post:

Of course teaching school.  (High school science say what?  I don’t even think the letters strung together make actual words on some of London’s biology book pages.  On the other hand, two real winners this year in the curriculum category are Visual Latin and Language Lessons.  All the thumbs up.)



Taking my youngest students to the cutest classroom on a farm.  A classroom alive with birds and fish and geckos and chameleons and yes, even a tarantula.  (Who, in my opinion, was far too alive.  So alive, in fact, that he had shed his disgusting skin and was eating it because he is disgusting and even as I type this and am reminded of his disgustingness I am making a scowling grossed out face all alone in my chair in our library.)



Getting up super duper before the sunshine early to ride to the beach with dear friends to celebrate Hilary’s 40th year of life.  And what a fun adventure it was.  Laughter and easy chatter and more ties that strengthen our bonds.  And ice cream.  Jeni’s Ice Cream.  My first ever trip to one of the actual stores.



Pulling off a surprise dinner with an out of town guest for Hilary – to cap off the 40th celebrations.  Because, you know, forty calls for pulling out all the stops.  Her backyard is picturesque and with a little this and a little that, it was a dreamy dinner spot.



(And all of those adventures and dinner out was supported back on the home front by generous chid care for which I am truly grateful.)

Spending a little time watching my eldest son acquire five stitches in his ankle from leaping out of a tree and on the downward landing catching a glass bottle and sending it shattering across the lawn.  (Poor fella.  The stitches are uncomfortable for sure, but the worst of it is the hole in the ball of his foot that no stitch can fix since it’s just as if a tiny ice cream scoop scooped out a serving of his foot and there’s a tidy hole remaining.  And that all sounds very disgusting now.  Disgusting in a similar manner as the tarantula skin.   All horrifying images for which I sincerely apologize although I have had to live all of them so maybe someone should be apologizing to me for the love.)



Finishing The Hunger Games and then speed reading Catching Fire, the sequel, because who knew those books were so engaging?

Trying to be a responsible pet owner and taking Puck to an early morning appointment for her to get spayed.  Why on earth have I fallen in love with this particular calico kitten?



Running errands and having meetings for work with marketing directors that are closer in age to my daughter than to me.  (Yes, in case you are wondering, that does indeed make me feel old.  Although he was a very nice human and I am glad to have met him.)

Attending soccer games early int morning with the rain lighting coming down and then again where the night darkens before the buzzer signifies the game’s end and it’s crazy hard to watch kids play soccer who can hardly see one another, let alone the ball.



And that’s basically a wrap — what have you guys been doing?