This week has been pleasant – good weather, school progressing along nicely, the promise of the weekend on the horizon.  All good things.

And now it’s Friday.





Honestly, just living in this house with five kids who are becoming genuinely funny humans in their own rights has been so incredibly enjoyable.  We laugh.  A lot.  They’re just so comical.

I forget to write a lot of it down any longer.  (And I should work on that, I know.)

This week Piper Finn has been packing a lunch all week for her attendance at theatre camp.  One evening as she was filling her little bags with cheeze-its and strawberries and all the lunch friendly options, I noticed she had put in one of her bags about five cookies.  That seemed excessive for a nine year old’s lunch.  I said something to that effect.

Her eyes met mine, “Mom – I’m bringing these to share with Aubrey and Dani.  We love to share lunches.”

I shrugged, “Alright then.”

And London, with a grin she reserves for times when she thinks she’s being hilarious, said to me, “Hey Mom – speaking of inaccurate parental assumptions …” and then proceeded to tell me about another time earlier that I had jumped to a wrong conclusion.

I said they were funny, I didn’t always say they were appropriate.




Pretty sure I stretch this “fashionable” category all the time.

It’s too hard.  I don’t think about “fashion” very often.  I don’t know what that word even really means.

Today in the car the kids were looking at a parenting magazine that had come in the mail.  We laughed about the newest trends. Jeans ripped jagged and too short across the ankle.  Kids clothing that already has paint stains on it.  Hey guys, we damage our own clothing just fine by ourselves, thanks.

Also.  This week I noticed a generous amount of gray hairs.  On my head.

Who knew?

As London tried to console me, she kept saying, “You never noticed Mom because you never look at the top of your head.”

Actually though, I have not really needed genuine consoling.  I can’t even convince myself to care about those gray hairs.




Sometimes I like to write in places other than my home.

This week I tried out a new restaurant called LTO – it’s a burger bar and I think the initials stand for lettuce, tomato and onion.

It’s only been open for about three days and their staff was so kind.

I just wanted fries and a slush drink – both of which I got.  And both of which I was immensely pleased with.



Also – the water brought out something wild for me to try – blueberry ketchup!

Surpriseit’s delicious!

(Next time I want one of their ridiculously oversized milkshakes.  One of them has a cinnamon roll IN the shake – what?  They’re nearly $10 but I think my entire family can share one!)




Our family loves what The Bible Project does – their videos and their work.  It’s incredible.

This video about Ecclesiastes is spot on.



And – because after viewing that video it led us into viewing another Ecclesiastes video – I’m going to share BOTH of them.  Same general message in each, but created differently.  Both so moving and clarifying.  (This one starts out differently – give it a chance.  Watch til the end. It’s so important.)



Hevel.  It’s all hevel.




It’s possible I’ve featured my friend Beth’s works before.  Her penmanship is beautiful.

And now she has stickers!!



Right now you get one free with any order over $10.  I’m going to try to just give her $10 for a sticker of every style because I love them all.