I don’t think I conquered a Five Finds Friday post last week – maybe it was Farm Week?  (It’s too hard to keep up.)

This week has been oppressively hot.  We’ve had theatre rehearsals and auditions and I am so glad for an organization like our local Logos Theatre where I feel good about my kids receiving both quality and safe instruction on stage.



I’ve started staring at the lists of plans and books and ideas to begin to homeschool a FRESHMAN this fall and I feel both excited and horrified, capable and out of my league.  I only have TWO children left in elementary school and what on earth has happened to all of my years?



What a gift it has been this week also to have generous friends who share their refreshingly cool pool waters with our family on these sticky and humid South Carolina summer afternoons.

In other random news, I want to go to this Camp Well Summit.  Should I try?  It’s gobs and heaps of money though.  But – did you see it’s at Lost Valley?  For the love.  I just want it to help me get my act together and kick me into some high functioning gear to spin all the plates I’ve got stacked up over here.

Anyway, it’s Friday —-

Welcome to the week’s end, friends, and to the weekend’s beginning.





When friends allow you the privilege of watching and hanging out with their kids and you give their children angel wing temporary back tattoos.






Last week Target had all kinds of cute summer dresses on sale – some even had pockets!

Also, Bergen’s Keens literally broke in two last week. (Why are twelve year old boys SO hard on shoes and why is that child’s foot SO ginormous?)  Piper Finn needs a new pair of tennis shoes.  London would love to join the Chaco parade.

Tell me y’all, where do you find deals on kids’ shoes?  That seems to be the one clothing type article of kids that I can never find on sale or acquire a good deal.

Point me in a direction, I’ll follow.




Tzatziki Sauce.



I’m infatuated with it.

I made it myself for the first time a few weeks ago.

We had it at the farm.

I had it at dinner tonight.

It’s so marvelous.

Why has it taken me so long to jump on board the tzatziki sauce train?

And what else can I serve it up alongside?




After reading in Paul Tripp’s book New Morning Merices I have been stuck on this idea he presented.  It was the idea that we all carry around these desires.  And that’s not bad or wrong.  At some point, however, our desires can morph into perceived needs.  Take, for example, my desire to find a house to purchase.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  And, at some level, I do “need” a new home.  Again, not a problem.  But then that “need” can shape shift again into a frustration with God when he doesn’t follow through on my timeline with my now “need”.  So I had this desire to provide a home for my family – not a bad desire – that turned into a need that became a demand that then turns into an anger at God for letting me down.  “Where’s my house, God – you know I need this.”  When I am promised that I actually have all that I need.  I currently am actually residing in a house and I feel reasonably confident that I will later be residing in a different house and those details will get taken care of in some form or fashion.

I do, in fact, have all that I need.

And I loved being reminded of that knowledge, loved being reassured that some of my thoughts are only desires, and not needs.




They’ve been buddies since birth and that’s always been special, but it’s been sweet and heart satisfying to watch Bergen and Colton develop a bond during their times together.  Ah, Dallas – why you gotta be so far away?