The weather this week has been so HAPPY and that helps everything.

It’s Friday and we only have one more week of school and that is also very HAPPY.





1. This week London paid her sister to do her share of the lawn mowing because London prefers being indoors, clean, unsweaty.  She gave her actual cash, plus a Lego.

2. Also.  We had a picnic after church on Sunday and I grabbed a few snack items from our house and tossed them in a bag.

See these jars?



They were both in the fridge.

Here is what is in them.  One holds chocolate covered almonds.  One holds leftover black beans.

Guess which one I wanted to bring to a picnic.

Guess which one I actually put in my bag.




I think it’s often more fun to make note of what should not be fashionable than to actually concern myself too deeply with what should be fashionable.

A magazine came to the house this week.  I think it was Parents.  There was a spread about fashions that could take you to multiple places – the clothing you can shift quickly from work to a day at the park to a night out.

Included was this bit here ………



A top over another shirt.  That’s fine.  I’m all about the layers.  But, wait.  It isn’t just any base layer this model has going on.

Nope.  It’s not a base layer that you would expect it all.

It’s much more creative than that.



It’s a swimsuit!!

Ya’ll.  First, since when does putting a swimsuit on under your clothing constitute high fashion?  I thought wearing swimsuits under your clothing was either what happened at the beach or back in college when all the laundry was dirty.

But fine, whatever.  I really don’t care.

All I can think about, however, is what happens when this lovely model finishes drinking her eight glasses of water daily and has to use the restroom.

I mean, she has to literally take off pretty much all of her clothes, just to begin the process.  Even her top layer shirt!

No, thank you.




I bought chorizo recently for the first time.  I’d never even seen it in the store although I think I have eaten it at some point.

It is packaged so that it looks like kielbasa to me, so I assumed that was its basic structure.

It’s not like kielbasa at all.  It’s like – regular sausage, sort of.

So, chorizo fans – what am I supposed to do with it?




Our community group has morphed and changed over the years and it’s in such a lovely and sweet place right now.  I love that there is a wide age range amongst our group and that the younger people in our group are legitimately interested in including the kids and in knowing them as people, regular people, instead of treating them as extras or as burdens.

It’s wonderful to watch.




Look at these gorgeous prints of characters from some of our favorite stories.



The girls each received one recently as the sweetest gifts and I love them!

You can find them here – plus Jane Eyre and Sara Crewe and Elizabeth Bennet and more!

Aren’t they some kind of wonderful?