Is it possible for a day to just want to sabotage you?

No?  Days don’t have the ability to act themselves?

Fine.  Alright.

But a week – it has the power – doesn’t it?

Because I’m thinking that the evidence of my life is sort of proving my point.

Actually, this is all pretty tongue in check (as if my writing needs that sort of obvious disclaimer), as I know that the reality of my life (and of this week) is truly a picture of blessing and provision.

This weekend Otto and I slept under the shark tank at an aquarium with his Trail Life group.



It was pretty special to have such a fun adventure with such a fun kid.

He’s full of cute and polite and hand holding and checking on me and offering his sentimental thoughts when it’s just he and I.  (Which I soak up because when he’s with the entire family he’s full of wiggles and poop humor and fishing conversations and avoidance of schoolwork.)



We really did sleep on the floor and it was as hard as you might imagine and it was also daylight savings time and we also didn’t even end our official aquarium program and receive our ushering into the shark tunnel to set up our sleeping bags until about midnight.  (I offered another parent $50 to let me trade his cot for my sleeping bag.  He did not accept my offer.)



I was already fighting against a sore throat and general fatigue.  Monday morning I woke up and realized that about all I would be doing that day was staying in bed.

Tuesday morning I knew I would not have the same option to try to rest because we had a morning appointment across the mountain.

Five sleepy kids in the car and we are about eight minutes from the house when the Yukon just decides it feels like I do sometimes – it had had enough.  Maxing out at 30 mph I knew we could never cross the mountain with that situation happening.

Pulling off the road, I considered my options.  Called the automotive shop we have come to rely upon.  Was informed I should no longer try to drive the Yukon until it was repaired.  Called my insurance and discovered I only have towing coverage if we are in an accident.  I briefly consider allowing someone to hit my car so we can get towed.  I call a few friends.  And a tow truck company.  Nice guy.  And within an hour and a half of leaving our home and proceeding only eight minutes away, we are escorted back to said home by a friend while our car gets a ride in another direction.



Perhaps Tuesday was telling me that I still needed more rest.

Maybe it wasn’t trying to sabotage me at all.

Maybe it was trying to rescue me.