It seems that lots of my favorite games are created by a company called Blue Orange.

I don’t know who those guys are but I guess I like what they do.

I should tell them I guess.

But – first – I’ll just tell you.

Yam Slam.


This little game has been on the shelf for a while.

On a girls day last month, we gathered a few supplies and left the house.


(And by a few supplies, lately for the girls, that means loads of yarn and Warriors novels.)

We stopped at a tea shop.


Side note: Why aren’t there more of these?  Tea shops for people like me who do not embrace the language of coffee.  But a London Fog?  Oh goodness.  What a treat!


And at this tea shop we played Yam Slam.

(We played this at Thanksgiving too.)

It’s like a speedier version of Yahtzee with no paperwork involved.  And no long addition.

Maybe that’s why we all like it.

It’s a dice game and you gain points by getting certain rolls – flush and full house and four of a kind and more.  Everyone can play it – even Otto – but it still feels as competitive for the six-year-old as it does for the forty-two-year-old.  Plus – you can play a dozen rounds if you want to, or just one – and still feel like you’ve enjoyed some game time without spending two days of your life staring at Park Place and never landing on Boardwalk or trying without success to succeed at world domination in Risk.

I like the metal tin it comes in – but it is an odd shape that doesn’t stack up with my boxed board games as tidily.  However, because of its durable metal case, Yam Slam has found its way on road trips and car camping trips.

You know – I’ve still not picked out the annual family game for this year’s Christmas gift.  You guys have shared some of your favorites with me before.  I have had Dutch Blitz on my mind, but I also have considered a version of Pictionary.  Any other new finds or old favorites I should consider for this year’s tradition?