Here’s something I like:

Noonday Collection Photo

Let me introduce you to him.

He’s called The Rustic Tote.

Isn’t he lovely?

He’s just a wide bag, classic and hand crafted and durable and purposeful, yet beautiful in his leathery uniqueness.

Do you know where he needs to be?

He needs to be slung across my shoulder and filled with my stuff.

(Okay, friends.  Need.  I get it.  There is no need here.  This rustic leather tote and me – we don’t need to be friends.  But we want to be.  I’m telling you. We really want to be.)

The means by which I hope to acquire the lifetime companionship of said leather rustic friend is this:

A Noonday Collection Trunk Show.


It’s a company selling beautiful jewelry and leather buddies and scarves and more.  All of their products are hand crafted by artisans across the world – particularly women in third world countries whose lives are being changed by working skilled jobs with consistent income.

The company is a big supporter of adoptive families (Hey – I am too!) and their jewelry really is just beautiful.  (But it isn’t cheap – I just need to go ahead and warn you.)

I’m a big fan of their wrap bracelets.  I think they pair so well with the leather cuffs that I already own and adore and I like the stacked look.

Noonday Collection Photo

Noonday Collection Photo

In fact, arm jewelry is my favorite kind of jewelry.  That and earrings.  I like earrings.

Noonday Collection Photo

Noonday Collection Photo

This seems like the right season to host a trunk show because it’s about that time to purchase a little Christmas gift or two for a couple of people you love (or feel obligated to purchase gifts for – you know, whichever).

All you have to do to buy your own Noonday gifts is to visit this Noonday website and click away.  (And tell your friends to buy their gifts here too!)

When you’re finished shopping, just be sure to list the hostess name as LACEY KEIGLEY.

Because, we all know, this is the direct path that Rustic Leather Tote and I have to walk down in order to become besties.  

If you’re local, you can attend the trunk show in person at my house and eat snacks because we all know that eating delicious snacks while you look at gifts makes it that much easier to purchase said gifts.

December 3.  My House.

We can call it a Noonday Trunk Show or we can call it what it is:

The Night That Lacey and Achilles’ Relationship Became a Reality.

(Yeah.  You read that right.  I just named a tote bag.  I sent a text out to a few friends jokingly asking for name suggestions.  I like naming things – okay?  Even inanimate things.  At the end of our ridiculous exchanges with name suggestions, I told them that the first person to make a Noonday order could name my new leather friend.  I was pretty much joking – but I think I’ll make it for real.  The first order through this link gets to name my rustic toteprovided I get enough orders to claim said leather magical carrying conveyance.  There.  It’s official.)