Sometimes when my friend Brittani cuts my hair, she straightens it afterwards.  In regular life, I can all but guarantee that I will never do such a thing on my own.  I do own a hair dryer because Hannah bought me one a few winters ago when my pipes froze and we needed to try to thaw them out.  I’ve never used it on my hair.  Also, it takes too long.

But after she has taken all that time to dry it straight, it’s sort of a game to see how long I can go before I have to wash it.  (Don’t worry – I take a shower, I just don’t wash my hair.)  For those days with straight hair, I feel like I look like a literally different person.  It’s kind of odd.  (And sort of bizarre how many days I can go before I need to wash it.  Not sure what that means about my hair.)

The one easier aspect of straight hair is that I wake up and it’s fine.  I hardy have to look at it.  It’s just lying there – all straight and stuff.  When I wake up on my curly hair, there’s a rat’s nest on my head if I haven’t worn it in a bun or braids or something during the night.  Most of my life I have had short hair so it’s still a little surprising to me to have longer hair that has needs and requires attention.

There is literally zero point to this post.  And very little depth here either, I’m afraid.

Some moments are like that – right?

I stayed up too late last night because of a book.  That Charles Martin again.  He drew me right in.  Then Bergen woke me up early to watch the lunar eclipse.  The boy who says he can never get himself out of bed with his own alarm clock woke up before 7 am by that very alarm clock and came to get me to stare at a glorious large and low moon.  I’m glad he did, but I’ve been so tired all day.  (Charles Martin – it’s your fault.  Yours and Tyler Steele.)



The night before I didn’t get my best sleep (what is that, anyway?) either because my stomach hurt.  It hurt because before bed I took a spoon and ate the remaining maple butter from the jar as if it was applesauce instead of over the top sweet maple syrup butter.  The good news is, I don’t want to buy any more maple butter.  For a while.  It tastes great while you’re doing it, ya’ll, but I’m full of regrets now.

I’ve had an offer on a house fall through this month and my electric bill has quite literally never been higher.  Sometimes it feels as if there will never be progress on our plan to live in a different home than this current home.

I rearranged several of the rooms recently just to motivate myself to give them a deeper clean.

I don’t know if Facebook has gotten all quirky again but my posts about recent blog updates seem to vanish and then I start to wonder if anyone is even seeing or reading here any longer.

The month of January seemed to magically vanish as well and it’s shocking that February is already upon us.



I’m stealing an idea from the parenting playbook of my friends and I want to have the kids learn about money – saving and spending and giving.  And although we already have a system in place, the kids only have money from random scone sales or birthday gifts or grandpa generosity.  February marks the beginning of two things at our house – a stipend for each kid to help them learn how to handle money and new separate bedtimes for the different ages of kids.  Neither are related one to the other, but it’s just time to get a handle on both situations. (You can imagine which of these changes is a hit and which is a downer.)

(If you have a book or guide or class or idea that would help teach kids about money management, I’d love to hear about that.)

We took a night time hike to gaze at the super moon and we keep being so evenly divided about our hiking feelings.  The boys and I are all gung-ho, let’s climb a mountain.  The girls are all can we do anything to convince you to let us stay home?  It’s a tad wearying to have to keep pitching my plans and cheerleading my way through attitude.  It amuses me a little to think that one day, perhaps, they will all collectively sit around and talk about the many hikes their mom dragged them along on.



From hair to hiking, thus goes this post.  If in fact you did read along, I offer you my many thanks!