It’s been a while since I’ve hosted a giveaway with Grove Collaborative but it’s only been about two hours since I’ve used a Grove Collaborative product.  (Peppermint scented Mrs. Meyer’s dishwashing soap, if you’re curious.  And also Method’s dishwashing tabs.  Fun fact – Otto calls all of the Mrs. Meyer’s products Mrs. Myrtle Clean.  Neither of us have any idea why.)

This is one of my favorite Grove Collaborative giveaways because it’s all the good stuff.  The stuff I use over and over and keep on my routine list of orders.  I think the Mrs. Meyer’s products make great thank you gifts or whatnot too.  (In fact, I may or may not have two such gifts resting on my kitchen table for an upcoming trip.)

Of course, the biggest winners for these giveaways are always the newbies, those of you who have never joined the ranks of the Grove Collaborative groupies.

The way it works is basically this: You sign up for this giveaway.  You get all the things I’ll post below for free.  You do have to make a $20 purchase with items in your cart, but then you get the other items listed here for no cost.  You will then be signed up for a routine ordering from Grove Collaborative.  You can handle that a couple of ways.  You can order each month the items you use.  You can decide that some months you do not need to order so you can simply push your order back by a month or six months or whatever. You can cancel your routine orders all together.  Choices – you’ve got ’em.  (And the Grove Collaborative folks are super easy to work with and their email reminders really help so that you shouldn’t miss an order, unless you ignore all of your emails and then that’s on you folks.  They’ll even send you text messages if that helps you remember better.)

Here’s what’s for free with this giveaway:

  • Mrs. Meyer’s hand soap
  • Mrs. Meyer’s dish soap
  • Mrs. Meyer’s hand lotion
  • Grove cleaning caddy
  • Grove walnut scrubber sponges



Like I said, those are my own personal go-to items.  The walnut scrubbers changed my dishwashing ways.  I was always a brush person until these babies.  They’re great.  They don’t stink.  It’s a dishwashing miracle.

All you have to do to get the loot is sign up here and wait by your mailbox.  (I wouldn’t actually advise doing this.  The waiting part, that is.  I would encourage you to do the signing up part.)



Your shipping on this order will be free.  We’ve been so spoiled with free shipping, haven’t we?  It bothers me to ever pay for shipping these days.  I’m so entitled or something.

Yes, when you make this order and sign up for this giveaway, I get a perk.  I get credits for free items on my future orders and sometimes, if enough of you sign up, I even get a little cash kick back.  That’s all good and well and I certainly love that bonus, but I guarantee I wouldn’t spend my time promoting this Grove Collaborative if I didn’t sincerely love it and use it.

I like avoiding the stores and I like having what I need at my house when i run out of something and I like my soaps to smell pretty.  Bergen and I for real rejoiced when the pine scent came out around the holidays.  It’s the happiest smell!    (Bergen and I seem to be the most into good smells over here.)

And for you faithful Grove Collaborative partners?

You’re not totally left out.

You get free walnut scrubbers.

And hey – I’ve already sung their praises so if you haven’t tried them, at least you can do that this month!

Grab your free walnut scrubbers here.

Thanks guys – I appreciate you and your willingness to listen to my pitches and to try out some of the products that we love at our house.

And hey – if you can’t decide what to put in your cart to reach your $20, look into their toothpaste options and their skin care products.  Their candles are dreamy and their kitchen towels are thick and lovely.  They have cute reusable storage bags if you’re a lunch packer.  Maybe you guys can share in the comments what Grove products you regularly use.