I love the slush of days that lie between Christmas and New Year’s.

I count them each as some sort of Non Day.  My expectations for myself and for the kids are pretty much nil and that’s so ridiculously marvelous, I can’t even begin to tell you.

It’s the best week to do nothing.



It’s incredibly satisfying.

I watched the movie Arrival with the girls one night.  (You know, like two years after everyone else watched it I guess.)  I want to talk about it with someone because I can’t say that I loved the film or found it even overly touching, but it did present a couple of interesting questions.  I don’t want to ruin the movie for any late comers like myself, but once you’ve watched it – shoot me a text will you?

I’m on book four of the Harry Potter series and this one has me reading with a deeper interest and even laughing in an audible manner a few times.  Also – why is the name Hermione such a tricky one to pronounce, for the love?



All of this time to just be alive with less expectations has also allowed me to chat with Otto and Piper as they sit at our kitchen table and place literal hundreds of football cards into plastic binder sleeves.  I will never (not ever) understand the fascination with cards of any sort – football, baseball, equestrian.  I just don’t get it.  (Equestrian cards would be funny though – right?)

These colder temperatures this week make me feel like hibernating.  It’s a steady 60 degrees inside of this humble abode and I just want to eat all the soups and read all the books under all the covers.  Maybe my spirit animal is a bear.  A hibernating bear during a long winter.



I roused myself from my stupor last night though to race outside (yes, outside) into the chilly night air to witness Bergen finally figuring out how to find the moon through his telescope.  I danced with my 12 year old son on the lawn in front of our 117 year old house in 40 degree weather and felt 100 percent content with my life choices.  He’s so worth celebrating, that one.



Mosely and Bergen and I worked into the evening on a silly cat puzzle until we all acquired a touch of the crazies from our intense concentration.  We started stage whispering and making cat noises whenever we found a puzzle piece that fit and you definitely just had to be there to appreciate it and I’m just genuinely grateful that I was there.

Break week.  It’s the best.