All of the weeks in December seem speedy beyond reason.  It’s how the time works – right?

But we’ve had marvelous quiet evenings home sitting in the living room near the tree’s twinkling lights and you could almost hear our collective sighs at the pleasantness of it.  (Don’t worry – we’ve also had rush here and do this and why is the cat eating all of the string on our gifts moments too.)

It’s Friday now and the weekend is basically here and I haven’t consumed enough fudge yet to call it a real holiday so I’ll get to work on that!

I’ve also decided that some weeks I spend too much time trying to come up with a certain “f” that wasn’t so evident that week.  Maybe it’s funny or fashionable or one of the other choices.  Anyway.  Whatever it is, I’m not going to try to work so hard for it any longer. If I have five fs that week, fantastic.  (See that “f”?)  If I don’t have five fs, fine.  So there you have it.  Five Finds Friday.  Maybe five.  We’ll just have to see.





This sweet boy turned one last weekend.

Can you even believe that?





Last week I wrote an article about a business run by my friend Karen selling blankets and table runners and stockings all made from recycled saris.  The saris are stitched together in Bangladesh for a company called Basha and you can read their whole story here.

They’re beautiful.  I’d love a blanket for every single bed in our house.



And the story outlines the dignified and honoring work that the women of Basha are able to do in Bangladesh.

We took a tour of Open River Imports and learned about Bangladesh and saris and Mosely even tried one on, sort of.





There are SO many tasty foods during the holidays.  And I’ll get to those eventually, I’m sure.

My friend Myra just told me about this maple butter that you can buy at Costco.

Foolishly, I took her advice and purchased a jar for our home.

It’s ridiculously good.  Once upon a time I was in love with Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter.  That season has passed – and this is waaaay better.




Also – after a very quick overview of their website, turns out this company was started by a kid inspired at 11 and starting his business at 15 and if there’s two things I can get behind, it’s kid entrepreneurship and maple syrup.  (Can I get an amen?)



I love good lighting.  Dim lighting.  Candles flickering.  Twinkling lights.  Small light.  Firelight.

I’ve been doing my evening work sitting in the living room where the Christmas tree is glittering.  I recently partnered on the Travelers Rest Here site with a buddy locally who runs a business called iViva.  She sells essential oil blends and pink Himalayan salt and fun stuff like that.  Our family is addicted to her salt – it’s great tasting AND it looks pretty.  That’s more than any of us should even expect from salt, isn’t it?

I just got one of her salt lamps.



I can’t even explain it – I just love it.  There’s a dimmer switch on it so you can adjust the amount of light but the glow that that little salt lamp emits is just perfect.  I kind of want one for every room.  It’s just so cozy.  Apparently the salt lamps have all sorts of good reasons to use them – air clarity and allergen relief.  Katie’s knowledgable and has all sorts of factors that sound great.  And I do trust her, although I am a natural skeptic.  I don’t know – but I DO know that the salt lamp gives me a cozy feeling and that our 100 plus year old living room for real smells better and I’m going to try a salt lamp out in Mosely’s room for some relief from her steady allergy type issues.  But, in truth, I’d buy it even if it was just the prettiest little lamp.

(If I had babies any longer, I think it would make the perfect nightlight for their room for late night nursings and changes and such without committing to turning on the bright overhead light.  Also – couldn’t hurt for the smell issues from diapers either!  Remember the diaper genie, people?  Ours was always a diaper disgusting.  Did anyone ever use them properly?  Man, I do NOT miss diapers.)

The point is – the salt lamp is great and I feel all sorts of affection for it.  I’ve texted at least three people who I am sure could not care less about my good feeling toward this little lamp.