It’s Monday of a holiday week but you already know that.

I tried to fight my urge to stay in bed on these cold mornings and wake up early to greet the day and feel a little more in charge of my life – it’s an illusion I keep trying to maintain in a half-hearted capacity.

I have neither the time nor the mental capacity to write a full post this morning but I do have both the time and the mental capacity to share a few photos from the last week or so of life and that feels like enough for today.

There was a work gathering recently that was fun and sweet – I love being able to partner with local businesses and people and do good work here.


There was a “hike” – really a slow and meandering walk – around our local state park with delightful friends.



We attended a theatrical presentation of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing with some of my favorite families.  At one scene when Claudio agreed to marry a girl he had never met who was under a veil, Bergen loudly whispered, “That’s risky.”  Yeah, it is son.  Life lessons.



We spent another afternoon outside at the gorgeous Jones Gap gathering rocks that we all painted the following day with friends.  (Otto keeps dressing himself in shorts and t-shirts as if he is unaware of the current season.)



I had an afternoon to spend with Otto and Piper recently and Piper was in charge of taking the photo.



This weekend we had a spontaneous gathering with friends who are both kind and hilarious and I always walk away from their company refreshed.  They taught us how to play Spicy Uno and it was fantastic.  Also – why do so many of my pictures include children sitting on our table?



Last week’s group gathering was the rock gym.  How fun is that?



And there you have it, friends.

I hope your holiday week is off to a wonderful start.