I like that the weather has finally turned cooler.  I don’t like that it’s dark by 6 pm.

I like that my teenagers are fun and interesting humans.  I don’t like that we are closer to graduation age than we are to starting kindergarten age.

I like that the weekend is upon us.  I don’t like that my to do list from last week carried right on over to this week.





It’s a Harry Potter world at our house.   Dumbledore and Gryffindor and Mrs. Weasley are all names I am attempting to become more familiar with, just so I can have a shared language with my people.  (I even tried to get media passes to Universal Studios as a surprise Christmas gift for the big kids in particular.  Sadly – it was a no-go.  And paying the high cost of daily admission is a no-go currently too.)

Did you know that Williams-Sonoma has Harry Potter themed aprons and spatulas?  They do.

Items pop up at our house frequently decked out in Harry Potter-esque attire.

This week it was a folder with kittens on it, turned into a folder of kittens drawn as Harry Potter characters.







If you’re local (or if you’re visiting friends or ME) I’m sure to direct you to shops and business in Travelers Rest.  It’s what I do.  But I also do it because I really like what’s happening there.

In a sweet storefront on Main Street is Goose Feathers.  Last weekend we stopped in and I could have purchased a half dozen or more items there.  They carry those messy bun beanies I mentioned last week.  (I didn’t buy one yet.)  And beautiful home decorations.  Plus flowy shirts, fun jewelry, cute shoes and a selection of adorable clothing for girls Piper Finn’s age.

I think she looks adorable in these leggings and this dress from there.





It was a simple and quick recipe shared on Instagram.



I even went to the store and purchased self-rising flour just for this recipe.

On a Sunday brunch morning Otto and I whipped these up with our eyes practically closed.  Next to no effort and a quick cook time and suddenly we had big square delicious biscuits to accompany our roasted potatoes and fried eggs.  Slathered with strawberry jam, every one of us wanted two.






I don’t read all of Ann Voskamp’s blog posts because, well – they’re long.  But I almost always love them all when I do read them.

In this post she writes about “boring” men who don’t make extravagant and grand gestures when they propose or when they profess their love for their wife or their people.  “Boring” men who don’t use social media to make a fuss but show up early mornings and late nights and in a hundred other real life places.

I loved the post.  About faithfulness and genuine affection and daily acts of service.

I want to raise boys to become men like that.  I want to raise daughters who value men like that.

You should read it too.




Probably ten years ago we met him.  Nate.  Our kids called him Nake when they were younger.

He was a college student then.  But he’s always been special to our family.

We’ve basically been members of his fan club since then.  He’s been around a long time – taking Mosley on adventures.  I cried at his wedding.

Last night he and his wife and their two young children came over for dinner and it was simple, just a short evening, but it was surreal and lovely to watch the life he and Laura have created and shaped.  To see them care for their children with calm love and certain affection.  To be a team and partners and friends and mama and daddy.

We don’t all get to grow old or live long lives.  (I think often of all my own sweet mom has missed out on witnessing and it hurts my heart still.  Just this week, standing in a restaurant, talking with a dear friend about missing our parents after they pass and we shared a quick round of tears and it’s always true – growing old is a privilege.)  So living long enough to see people like Nate and Laura mature from college students to married people to a family living their lives well, in abundance and in joy, swells up my heart in a heavy and a good way.

I loved looking at picture books with their daughter and the fact that she knows my name is a gift.