It’s been a good week.  And a regular week.  A slow week and a fast week.

Things have been fine and things have been pleasant and things have been weird.

Right on track, I’d say.

I’m mostly going to use photos today.  Because I’ve both written and spoken a lot of words already this week.









When we visited the apple orchard in North Carolina we were talked into buying mountain grown sweet potatoes.  The staff told us they were the best sweet potatoes.  That they were stringless.  That growing them in the mountains soil made them better.

I wanted to believe.  (I’m especially prone to believe that the mountains make everything better.)

They were bright and delicious and surprisingly string free.  And they were such an easy dinner with the aid of the Instant Pot.

I followed this recipe – sweet potatoes in the instant pot.

And I asked Mosely to whip up this cinnamon honey butter.

Thumbs up all around.  (Except from Bergen, but maybe you remember that story from earlier this week.)




This one.  Faithful to the task at hand.  Faithful to work hard at her daily assignments.  Faithful to figure out a problem.

And God – faithful to bring her into my life.