Life is weird.

I left my phone at the house when we headed out this evening.  The kids and I were gone for maybe four or five hours.  The internet didn’t go anywhere and I didn’t miss anything and the 12 texts that were waiting for me were taken care of in all of three minutes when I returned.



It was freeing and that feels ridiculous to acknowledge.

I’ve struggled of late to figure out (again) the balance between social media and the internet and regular old living.  I want to be less connected to my phone.  Increasingly, however, my line of work is tying me to the device more and more.

Boundaries are good – wise and necessary even.  And, like all aspects of my story, it seems, they go in seasons.  Times where I have well developed boundaries that stick in place and smooth out the edges and keep me focused and on track.  And then there are bumps in the road, increased work load, opportunities that were unexpected.  Boundaries get the shaft for a season and then they are harder to redefine, more difficult to stick again, trickier somehow.

That’s my season right now.

And I’m ready for the tide to turn, the season to change, my self discipline to realign to my idealism and my boundary walls to be more secure.

The next right thing, that’s what I need to remember to do.  Not to make the list that outlines the next eighteen big moves, but instead to do the one simple small next move.

That’s advice for all areas of my life that I have to give to myself over and over again.

The next right thing.  Small steps.  Right direction.