What’s the point of even talking about the warp speed of my life right now?

No – really.  Someone tell me what’s the point??

(This is an unsustainable pace.  Of which I will speak more about later.  Or, better yet, of which I will begin to take action against.  Soon.)

Until that time, it’s Friday ya’ll.





This is a long story.  But I think it’s worth the read. (Obviously, I think this.  I took the time to type it all out.)

I made a terrible mistake.  I told one of my brothers the wrong date for our family reunion.  I told him the end date of the lodging was one day past what it actually is.  He purchased his plane tickets based on my erroneous message.

I don’t remember doing this. I don’t recall sending the text.

But my generous and loving brother went back through his textual records and retrieved the incriminating words.

(Dude always has to have the last word, prove his point, make me look all Little Sister and stuff.)

He forwarded the text to me, he is so thorough that way.

I’ve apologized profusely and sincerely.  I mean, basically I gave him an extra day in Colorado with his family – what’s he complaining about anyway, right?

This afternoon he called me to fill me in on this entire situation.

This is how that conversation went.

Him: Let’s get right to it.  I’ve got two things to talk to you about.

Me:  You mean three?

Him: Huh?

Me:  Three.  You love me.

Him:  Yeah, sure.  Three.  I love you.  Now.  One – it’s snowing in Colorado today.  I’ve already finished with winter.  Are you aware that it is snowing?

Me:  Yes!! Isn’t that exciting?  Won’t this be fun?  I love winter.  Be prepared.  It’s so great.  I can’t wait.

Him:  Okay.  Fine.  You’re aware.  Two.  You told me the wrong date.  I’ve got the text to prove it.  Want me to send it to you?

Me:  What?  No.  Don’t send it.  I’m sorry.  That stinks.  Why didn’t you double-check with me first?

Him:  I had it in writing.  That was my double checking.  I bought my plane tickets.  Ah, Lacey.  I should’ve expected this.

Me:  I’m really sorry.  Expected this?

Him:  You to disappoint me.

Me: !

Him:  In the Marine Corp we have a code to determine the trustworthiness of certain informants.  When one of the informants turns out to be a total liar and we have to write them off completely, we label them an F6.  That’s what you are now.  An F6.

Me: I don’t want to be an F6.

Him:  People like me, on the other hand, you can stake your life on what I say.  That’s trustworthy.

Me:  I’ll pay for your hotel on your extra night?

Him:  I’m going to send you the text you sent me.

Me:  No.  Please don’t do that.  I don’t want to see it.  I’ll feel worse.

He sent me the screenshot of the text.  Of course.

And then we have this exchange:



After this, I try to change the subject and tell him that I saw a bear at a state park today.

And he has only one response.

“I wish I could believe you.”




Let’s talk fashion advice.

I have four daughters.  Four smart and clever and lovely and unique daughters.


Photo by Emma Joersz



If I were forced to give them fashion advice, it would probably sound a little like this:

Every day is special enough to wear lovely earrings.

If one bracelet is good, three are better.

Wear whatever shoes you like, whenever you like, with whatever you like.

Your face is beautiful.  Let’s see it.  (Don’t hide it behind hair draped over your eyes or heaps of make up.)




I’m literally not even going to try this week.

We’ve eaten this week, of course, but it’s been your run of the mill kind of eating – tacos and cereal and sandwiches and spaghetti and salad and nachos, rice pudding and take out Chinese food.

The end.




One area I truly desire to be faithful in is in the area of finances.

It’s hard to teach kids how to handle their money properly if I am incapable of handling my money properly.

I’m endlessly grateful for a father who taught me from an early age how to save, how interest works, how to pay in cash, how to live within your means, how to give generously and tithe regularly and support others financially.

I have not always lived what I have known, but I have always known the right foundation.

Last week the girls opened up savings accounts with earnings they’ve gained from scone sales and selling some of their own items.  I’m hopeful they can learn early and well how to master their money so they need never be mastered by money.





All anyone needs for this section this week are photos.  Photos of Puck The Adorable.

(I will say nothing more.)