I’m not even going to say it this week.

Birthday weeks are fun.  My life is time-consuming – to me and to the other people living near me and brushing around past me here and there.  I sort of think I should offer a blanket apology to all of humanity that comes into contact with me.  It’s like my Messy spills on other people – all. of. the. time.





My friend Tyler is making this week’s “funny” category easy for me.

He and Tripp have a new video up and it’s one of their “in real life” series.  They’ve done e-mal in real life but this one is Websites – In Real Life.  



The funniest part to me is the stretched out picture of Amy above Tyler’s head in his office.  The part that actually feels true to life is where the girl named Beth insists that you have to sign up for her newsletter in order to visit her site.  (I will never do that to you guys, I promise.)




Last week Bergen and I were walking through Target.  I have zero recollection as to why I would be alone in Target with only Bergen, but I was.  And I probably bought him a special drink because that’s the reward a child gets when they offer to go to Target with me when they have other options.


As soon as I saw this particular article of clothing I said to my (then) eleven year old son, “I have to take a picture of this.  People use to wear these.  I use to wear one of these – like in eighth grade.  I’m still ashamed of myself.”



“Mom, is it a grown up onesie?” he asked.

Basically, son, it is.

I don’t understand why some fashions ever find their way back into style a second time around.




Remember the Easter Eggs recipe that was the rage a few weeks ago right here in this category?

Well, I finally made them yesterday, only a few days after Easter.  A wise friend told me this week that when you miss certain aspects of a holiday, when your real life timeline does not match up to your calendar, that it is okay to complete the activity after the event.  In fact, doing said activity after the event is better than skipping it entirely because you just ran out of time.  She used the phrase “extending the holiday”.  A phrase I have already put into use this very week.  And – into action.

More than a dozen large chocolate dipped peanut butter eggs are resting precariously in my fridge at this very moment.  In fact, I have not even sampled one.  Not because I have incredible self-control.  No, because I attended a blogger’s networking dinner (Yeah, that’s a thing, I guess.) at a delicious local restaurant called Asada where I ate copious amounts of food for more than an hour.

It was my first time at Asada even though many friends have been singing its praises to me for a very long time.  I’ve tried to go several times but have found it closed or have run into some other oddity that kept me from trying their famous tacos.

Well, tonight I tried everything.  And everything was fantastic.  (Except an olive in one dish.  That was not good.  But olives and I do not see eye to eye.)  And what was very good was the tres leche cake.



I may have embarrassed Jane when I exclaimed loudly as to how good I thought the cake was.

My apologies, Jane.




You know who is faithful in my life?

All the people who love my kids.

Today a friend called to tell me what was on her heart when she thought about my kids, and especially when she thought about my sons.  She just took a risk, called me on the phone, and told me some words she felt she needed to say and thought I might need to hear.

I did need to hear them.

My eyes were watery by the time we finished the phone call and I was reminded of how beautiful community is.

My friend Hannah drove out of her way to pick up my daughter when I simply could not be in three places on the same evening.  She didn’t have to do that.  But she did.

Bergen wanted to go kayaking on his birthday.  The rain changed our plans on Tuesday but today was sunny and when Mosely suggested over lunch that we should just seize the good weather and head for the lake right then, I couldn’t help but agree.  Of course, her motivation might have included missing an afternoon of school, but I’m not judging her.

While we were at the lake, Bergen used a small fish he caught as bait to catch the biggest bass he has ever caught before.

I jumped up to take a picture of my son and his big catch – but so did our friend Walter.  Because he loves my kids too.  He’s known Bergen since Berg was in a life jacket on this same lake at two years old.  He knows Bergen’s jokes about the corn dogs served in the camp cafeteria and he has sat on my sofa through many a terrible time in my life and offered wise and gentle counsel.



Faithfulness played out in day to day life in practical and regular ways that equals a genuine and pure kind of friendship.




This weekend the girls and I watched the movie Hidden Figures.

It was so well done, so beautifully written and so convincingly portrayed.

I was moved and educated and I think it’s a fine film, worth seeing with your family for certain.