Every Friday I am a broken record.

What?  Where did the week go already?

For our house it’s been a week of driving back and forth to theatre camp – goodness, a daily morning and afternoon commute requires a great deal of gas.  (A truth which the rest of America already knows, I assume.)  I believe I prefer staying at home most mornings.  And afternoons.  I had a great business week – can’t wait to share some stories about that next week.  The weather was the best kind of weather the south has to offer.  I got by this week with a little help from my friends.  I tried to trim Ryder’s hair myself.  (It went about as well as all of the hair trims I have offered to anyone – mankind or dog kind.)

The weekend promises to be plenty full, but full of Good and full of sunshine.  I hope your weekends are full of the same too.





One.  Bergen and Otto have been talking a lot about air soft guns recently following a birthday party a few weekends ago with an air soft game as the main event.

Bergen contends that he prefers an air soft rifle to an air soft pistol.

All this time, Otto has been convinced that Bergen has been saying “air soft rival”.  And now he wants a “rival” too.

Two.  Living at a summer camp for five years provided us with an opportunity to meet a wonderful array of college-aged students.  Our family feels privileged to still be in contact with many of these former summer staffers and we love seeing how their lives are shifting and changing.  And, as time passes, how their families are merging and growing.  It’s a gift to watch and support their growth.

One of our favorites (is that allowed?) recently shared the future arrival of his first born child in this really clever and really funny way …..





I can’t remember how I fell across this website but I have a feeling it was through one of the homeschooling conferences I have attended in the past two years.

It’s such a fun one – Wild Outdoors Club.

They have great t-shirts and other fun stuff.  Their Instagram feed is a favorite of mine to follow.



And this week – I really like their stickers.



We all know my car needs one of these.  Now, to decide which one.





Over spring break last week I had the kids scheduled to prepare a few extra meals and to learn a few new culinary skills.

London rose to the challenge and crafted Lemon Chicken, which was – hands down – better than any take-out Chinese chicken we have purchased.


Photo taken from AppetitieforChina.com

Photo taken from AppetiteforChina.com




I’m looking forward to taking the kids to walk through The Story of Redemption on Good Friday here locally.

Earlier this week our family had the opportunity to actually lend our hands to help set up just a tiny little portion of the day’s experience.

You guys, the folks over there are working SO hard to make Jesus known.  To offer a place and to provide a setting for us to pause what we’ve got going on all over our homes and our hearts and our heads.  To just slow down and shine the light on who we are in this gigantic world and who Jesus is and what He has already done.  And why that matters.

It’s happening today – from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. – and if you are within driving distance, I think it’s worth rearranging your schedule to be there.




We had just pulled into the driveway from something or another.

As she is nearing the house, London exclaims, “Come quick, everybody – run run run!”

We all attempted to obey her directive from our various stages of disembarking from the Yukon.

Apparently only Bergen made it to her side in time to see what was causing all of her exuberance.  (And, honestly, exuberance in London is a relatively rare quality.  She’s not an Over The Top Excitable kid.  She leaves that to her younger sister.  And her older sister.  And sometimes her mother.)

Together, Bergen and London watched what they described as the biggest and brightest and longest burning shooting star they had ever witnessed.

Their joy was precious.  (And I do NOT employ that word until absolutely necessary.)

It was a shooting star.  A work of nature’s art.  A rare occasion.

And they recognized the beauty, the awe and the wonder.

In their overflowing excitement, my thirteen year old and my eleven year old did the greatest little thing that made my heart rise to my throat in some kind of Mother Happiness.

These two tall-as-me siblings hugged one another.  They hugged one another tightly.  And they danced around in a circle of hugging, shouting how fantastic that shooting star was.

I think they’re pretty fantastic too.