This was supposed to be a full week.

But mostly things were delayed, postponed, cancelled, skipped or finished halfway.

I’ve been pretty “under the weather” for most of the days.

We’ve watched a record number of movies this week.  I tried to make one of them about Aaron Copland, this term’s composer, and about St. Patrick’s Day and movies based on novels we’ve read, but it’s still been too much TV.

So, I’ve limped and hopped and here I come, dragging myself right into Friday anyway.





Last night I was at a homeschool conference.  Where I practiced my particular skill set – Awkward.

I’ve got a good Andrew Peterson story.  But I think it might be worth its own blog post next week.

And after that exchange, I met Sarah Mackenzie, author of Teaching From Rest and creator of Read Aloud Revival.

I also opened up with Awkward with her too, but she rolled with it much better, thus supporting my theory that we would actually be friends.

In fact, she hugged me and then I took the weird a step farther and asked to take my picture with her.

Which turned out like this:



It’s a terrible photo.  Which makes it hilarious.

But there was no way I was going to ask for another one.  My awkward does have limits.




Can a phone be fashionable?

It will be today.

It’s the newest iPhone.  I don’t know how new.  (You know me and technology.  We don’t go hand in hand.)

But I know that I really did not care about the upgrade or the next new phone or any of that.

Until I saw its one new photography feature.  The portrait mode.

Do you know what I’m talking about?

It’s magical and I long to own one myself now.

Ever since Hilary showed me the portrait mode I am continually looking at my cracked screen, annoyed with the fact that my phone frequently dies mid phone call, it won’t shut off some days at all and the battery only lasts a few hours before it’s in the red.




I am unqualified to write this entry this week.

Nothing has tasted really great all week.

The kids have taken over the majority of cooking this week.  Which means we consumed some version of pasta for a lot of our meals.

We did attempt our first foray into cabbage though.

What are your favorite cabbage recipes?




In all the ways this week, I’ve been taken care of.

Breaking down by a billboard for a tow truck company.  Myra swooping in on a sick day with bone broth and vitamins and encouragement.  Doing our Bible lesson and our reading daily from the bed, kids and dog all piled in.  Capable and kind kids who did their chores and their math and asked how I was.  Hilary and her healing oils and Jo and her hot tea.  Hannah taking an art class with London.  Good movies to watch when watching was all we could do.  Car being repaired quickly and the ability to pay for said car repairs.

It’s a pile of Faithful.




After Tow Truck Tuesday we were at home all day – obviously – we had no car.  It was a disappointing day as we were on the way to Bergen’s very cool volunteer opportunity but never made it.

We checked the mail.

And – guess what was in my mailbox?

A package.

From Noonday.

From I Have No Idea Who.

And, inside the packet were those super cool earrings I put on a recent Five Finds post!

If you are reading this dear I Have No Idea Who, THANK YOU.  Not only are they perfect and beautiful, but they arrived exactly on time.  It’s hard to turn a Tow Truck Tuesday around, but pretty earrings unexpectedly sure do help.

Here they are – in my second blurry image of the post.