Whew.  It has been a full – but also a really good – week.

I want to watch a movie Friday night.  What’s something great that I’ll love?  I want to watch it at home.  I want it to be slightly meaningful but not an all out drama – less Still Alice and more Walter Mitty.  I’d love to laugh and I don’t mind crying but I don’t want a romance that only glorifies lust and unfaithfulness, although a love story would not be a terrible choice.

Hmm.  I think I probably won’t be finding that perfect film.  My expectations might be a little too high.  But – anything that comes close to some of those categories?  I’d love to hear some options!  (Thanks guys!)





Some things are funny because they are true.

Like this — 



Also – I very much want one of those little message boards.




When Mosely and I took our adventure together last week, we stopped in a shop on Main Street in Blowing Rock.

On the counter was a little container full of rings that each held a former life as a quarter.

I loved them.

I stood scrounging through the pile of rings until I discovered a Virginia quarter in my size.



The buckeye was plenty good too, you guys, but the ring is better.  (I had to buy it for a thumb ring because that was the only size they had that fit and I needed that Virginia word encircling my thumb.)



Sometimes we try to cook a meal or a food we have never tried before.

Last Sunday’s brunch we attempted Croque Madam.  I guarantee my version was not as stellar as, well – any restaurant’s version – of this breakfast speciality, but it was still pretty fantastic.





Slow and steady – it’s the only way I’ve found habits to really form and last.

Making reading the Bible a priority in the morning, alone and with the kids later at the breakfast table, has already been reaping visible rewards inside my own mind and in the voices of my children – a first step.

I’m grateful for God’s long-suffering.  I’m forty-three – that’s no newbie – and it has taken a shamefully long time to make this a daily priority.




Yesterday we took our friends to visit the Biltmore Estate.  They’d never been and we had free passes.  It was a gorgeous day, the weather was perfect, the sky was clear.

We walked to the flower gardens and to the conservatory and the sun was rising higher and breakfast was a distant memory and we all wanted a faster way to the car than the options available to us.

Certainly his legs are shorter than the rest of our family, but Otto especially felt the long walk back to the Biltmore house to be exhausting and difficult.

I passed on the opportunity he offered to me to carry his sweaty little self.  And then I turned around and saw this.



This really-too-large-for-this-treatment-baby-of-the-family being hefted across a mile of trail by his big sister.  Who, by the way, did not once complain about his weight and finished strong with the boy on her back – up stairs and over hills.

I’ve been witnessing some lovely moments of growth and grace in this girl.  And that was certainly one.