Today I ran a lot of errands.  Back and forth in the car.

Counseling. Library.  Bank.  Taxes.  Vet.  Art Class.

It probably wasn’t that much, but it felt like a lot.

And yet somehow I never made it by a store to purchase much needed toilet paper.

Are we the only family that runs out of toilet paper unexpectedly?

Friends came to our rescue, thank goodness.  For real.  Thank goodness.

I also taught school and managed a website.  And feed humans.

I was reminded of how I could not possibly maintain this new business without the aid of many talented friends.

(And you guys.  Truly.  You get things done.  You’ve liked and shared and commented and posted and all the social media things.  THANK YOU.  Keep it up.  I really, deeply and sincerely, appreciate it. Every time you click onto the website, it legitimately helps me.)

Tonight I needed to write the newsletter for TravelersRestHere.  (Want to subscribe?  The link to do that is at the bottom of the website page.  Wink.)

And I needed to tuck the kids in and listen to their thoughts and I needed to watch This Is Us and I needed to soothe myself after the episode and dry my tears and I needed to sit with Bergen and his bowl of cereal when he found that at 11 p.m. he was suffering from both “hunger” and “insomnia”.  (Apparently cereal was the magic cure for both.)  And now I need to go lie down in bed and read Andy Catlett by Wendell Berry.  And I need to push aside the guilt from not responding immediately to work e-mails.  (What is the rule there?  Twenty-four hours?  Two days?  Is there a rule?)

Which means, once again, you sweet and dear readers, (whenever I type anything remotely like that – dear and sweet readers – I think of books like Jane Eyre.  O Gentle Reader.) I am leaving you with pretty much a non-post.

I’m sorry.

But I will give you this:



Remember when they were small?  

And now they are not.

The girls have both officially grown taller than me.  They are both wearing my dresses and my leggings and my boots.  I forced the boys to wear hair gel and only one protested.

They’re good people and I like being their mom.