This week has been full.  But you already know that.  And here we are again —- Friday!





First, from a former “funny” entry, I’ve had such a good time hearing your thoughts and comments about my brother Danny’s fishing video.  My framily member Maggie said her two year old son is addicted to watching Danny catch that big one.  He has a new video up here and he’ll probably have a few more this week.  He got a little distracted this week from fishing videos because he became a GRANDPA!  What?  How can the majority of my siblings and I be grandparents already??

Now, on to today’s “funny”.  After everyone shared their thoughts and opinions about the TV show This Is Us, my friend Addy shared this video with me.  It makes me laugh.   (Obviously.  It IS under the heading of “funny” after all.)






This week it’s earrings again.  I bet I talk more about earrings than any other fashion accessory.

Noonday has just released their spring collection – and why not – it’s all daffodils and blooms and sunny afternoons around our neck of the woods lately.  (I’m not sad to see glorious afternoons full of the bright sun, it’s just that I am a gigantic fan of snow and it just seems like we never fully received winter this year.)


I LOVE these earrings.



I don’t know when I became obsessed with giant earrings, but I find that I like those types best of all.  And with these being leather it means that they’ll be light, large but without breaking my earlobes.

If anyone is having a Noonday party I’d love to buy these through your link – so let me know!




These are two items I’ve recently discovered at Trader Joe’s that make other foods more flavorful.



The spray is fabulous and has replaced any other cooking spray we use.  Also – the salt blend comes in its own little grinder and well, everyone at my house loves that aspect.




Last weekend and early this week our family had the lovely pleasure of spending a handful of days with Emma.  She flew up from Texas and we grabbed her at the airport and whisked her into a full four days of this and that and the other.  It was just the best.

How kind of God to give us good good gifts in the form of people to walk through life with.

Emma is a light and it was all joy to take her to our favorite spots and to talk late into the night when the house was silent and to take photos and to stop at coffee shops and to eat meals together and to just laugh and be in the same space in the same state.

If I say too much about Emma in general I’ll sound like I’m making it up.  She’s really that fantastic.  So I’ll mostly just share some photos – a highlights reel.





Catching glimpses into the inner workings of the minds of my young kids is so entertaining and endearing and a for real privilege to me.

Driving in between our many trips to and fro the theatre this week, Otto was in the back seat eating a fruit cup from Chick-fil-a.  “Mom, do you know something I like to do with my fruit?” he asked me.



And then he proceeded to tell me a little tale that went something like this:

“I always pretend there is a battle.  The blueberries and strawberries go first.  They’re out of there fast.  Then the others slowly lose in the war.  Finally all that’s left is the poor apple and the mandarin orange.  The apple always loses and dies.  The orange is the only one left.  When I eat him it’s like he died from just old age.”

I tried not to laugh because I don’t want Otto to think sharing with me is funny when I can tell he’s kind of serious.  He’s sharing a genuine train of thought in his blissfully free young brain.  A picture into his mind.

And I love it.

I love that his fruit cup is a scene and his imagination is full and active and I love that’s he’s in the backseat right now and I get to hear when the apple slice gets taken out in the war.

Tell it all to me son, I’m really listening.