I can’t believe I almost forgot about this post!

I’ve been so busy with this and that, when I looked at my calendar for yesterday I noticed that I almost missed a really great Grove Collaborative Giveaway.

This one is legitimately too good to let pass by, so I’ll just start right in with the specifics.



Grove Collaborative is an online company – a store of sorts – that specifically carries home products, stuff for cleaning and washing and scrubbing and tending, you know.  But also bath and beauty products too.  (I guess the same tending and cleaning and scrubbing – but of your body and your face and your hair.  You get it.)  The products that I personally purchase routinely from Grove are primarily Mrs. Meyers because I already love them so.  (And I often purchase my facial moisturizer through here too.)

With Grove, you place your order and you sign up for a basic pantry type service.  In other words, it works a little like the Dollar Shave Club for example.  Each month you will get an email (or several, actually) and you will be directed to head to the Grove Collaborative website and to review your cart.  At that point you can either send your regular order on through (mine usually features dishwasher detergent, hand soap, dish soap and about every other month, the walnut scrubber sponges) or you can add to your order or subtract from your order or you can postpone your order for another month if you aren’t in need of any products.

It’s very very easy to remember – you get plenty of email alerts.  (You do need to check your email, of course.)  And you can quit the monthly routine at any time if you’d like or just push the deliveries out for as long as you’d like.

I’ve mentioned it before but the main reasons that I like using Grove Collaborative instead of heading to Target are that I never run out of items, they’re waiting for me and delivered regularly.  Also, I don’t waste extra money at Target.  Also, they are often cheaper than the prices at Target.  All reasons good enough for me.  And, also, I don’t have get in my car with five kids and leave my house.  Very good motivation indeed.

This month, if you have not yet ever tried Grove Collaborative yourself, this is the time to do it.  (I’m thinking about you, Sara – this is the deal worth trying this for.  You live too far away from a store to waste your gas money and your time running out of supplies!)

This month, for NEW customers, you receive . . . 

  • Free Mrs. Meyer’s Hand Soap
  • Free Mrs. Meyer’s Dish Soap
  • Free Mrs. Meyer’s Lotion
  • Free Grove Collaborative Cleaning Caddy
  • Free Grove Collaborative Walnut Scrubber Sponges
  • Free Shipping



Now, these really are all free.  But, as others have pointed out before, on your first Grove order, you will be asked to purchase a certain amount of other items to add to your cart.  So, again, these items are completely free, but your entire order is not completely free.  (Just like to be up front about these little details.)  You can choose whatever you want to buy of course.  I’m pretty confident there’s something on the website that you buy regularly and could use a restock of.  Or – something that you want to try.  You need to buy $20 worth of products to get your FREE stash listed above.

The cleaning caddy is a new offering and I think it is so cute.  And not at all limited to storing only cleaning supplies.  I’m thinking art supplies myself.  But I guess it could hold remotes or candy or straws or silverware or toothbrushes or you name it.  (I don’t know why I said candy – it just made me laugh.)

The walnut scrubber sponges are now my favorite.  They’ve replaced all of my other dish cleaning tools.  I keep one by the sink (in a cute little enamel container that was my mom’s from ages ago) and it never smells gross like other sponges do.  I don’t feel repulsed when I see it sitting there and I replace it when the brown side starts to get picked-over looking – which takes a surprisingly long time to happen.

You get to pick your scents for the Mrs. Meyers products.  I’m partial to lavender everything but I have tried a bluebell one recently and I love it.  The lotion is new and it’s coming with my next order.  I think that’ll be a great addition to the Mrs. Meyers family.

Now, all of you faithful already committed Grove Collaborative fans, this giveaway is certainly the best for the newcomers this month.  But, you DO get a little something something.  You get a free Mrs. Meyers hand soap added to your next order.

(I know.  I agree.  We want more.  Like that cute metal caddy.  I’m sorry.  I don’t make the rules for these campaigns.  Shoot, I don’t make the rules for much of anything.)

So – there you go.

It’s a great time to sign up for the first time for Grove Collaborative – that’s for sure.

For your FREE kit, click here.

For your FREE Mrs. Meyers hand soap, click here.