When you become a mother you’re an instant member of this club.

And you think it will be all inclusive.

I mean – the only requirement is to have a child, right?


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It’s kind of like that.

But then, um, not really.

It’s a unique kind of club.

A mixed bag of sorts.

A mess, really.

A club for certain.

One that can make you feel accepted and understood and,

at the same time,

a club that can feel so exclusive and unfriendly that you’d consider revoking your card.


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As mothers we sometimes think our decisions are on display – seen through a transparent window, judged and discussed.

And sometimes maybe they are.

But, if I’m honest, my best parenting decisions have never been about anyone else except my children and our family.

Now I’ve made some poor mothering decisions based on fear or pride.  Or frustration or appearances.  Or misplaced hope or a misplaced desire to impress someone else.

I’ll probably make some more for the same ridiculous reasons.

You might too.

But here’s hoping – for you and for me both – that more of our mothering choices will be made from fear of the Lord than from fear of man.  More of our choices will blossom from knowing our children well than from knowing what popular parenting fads are saying currently.

That I will take the time and the courage to look into the eyes and the hearts of each of my individual children and meet them right where they are.  That you will do that too.  And that, when you do, if it looks worlds apart from what my own child needs right then, that I can have the grace to give you a low high five and say “job well done, mom”.

Our children don’t look alike.  Our houses don’t alike.  It’s doubtful that what our kids will need will match up precisely either.

So – this is me, patting you on the back for tackling your kids’ issues the way you know you need to.  

Trust me, there isn’t anyone more equipped to be your child’s momma than you are.  (Even when that feels untrue.)