When I finally got over myself at that writing conference a few weekends ago, I met a handful of fun and interesting women.

Two of the ladies (Women?  Girls?  People?  What do we want to be called anyways?) who I enjoyed getting to know the most were probably both young enough to be my daughters.  (Dude.  I am feeling so old lately.  Maybe it’s the wrinkles.  Or the steady exhaustion.  The insomnia.  Or the fact that the cashier at Trader Joe’s last week told me I reminded him of his mother.  OF HIS MOTHER!)

At any rate – I sat down at a table with Taylor and Holly and we started laughing right away about stuff and things.  I think maybe we were talking deep and serious subjects like Parenthood episodes and Tim Riggins.  In the lobby later we broached bigger topics, like foster care and fear and writing words.  I really liked both of these women and I think I realized the real reason why after about the third conversation – they were both from Virginia.  Ah.  The Motherland carries it own special weight, you know.

On their blogs they’ve started a little dealio (I’m using a made up word – does that make me young?) they are calling Five Finds Friday.  It’s about as straightforward as it sounds.  You talk about five finds that all start with f.  (Alliteration is cool, friends.)

And – I am doing this dealio with them this week.

Let’s see how it goes …..

Five Finds Friday


So.  Also because of Allume I have been listening to podcasts.  (Thanks Jamie Ivey.)  Which brings me to my funny.

I’ve been a supporter of our family’s friend Tyler Stanton for a long time.  (Uncle Tyler for short.  You know – like a supporter way back when he was just a funny nineteen year old guy standing in my Virginia kitchen trying to convince me to make a literal written down list of my Top Five Favorite Humans, fully expecting to find himself on that list and wondering under which number he would fall.  Two.  By the way.  He fell at Number Two.)

Tyler and Tripp’s videos are hilarious.  Like – ridiculously so.

But these guys have recently ventured into podcasting.  Recording them.

And I’ve recently ventured into podcasting.  Listening to them.

And I’ve been reminded of what I always loved about Tyler’s humor – it’s just a straight forward amusing extension of himself.  I like listening to him and Tripp talk about both mundane and serious topics.  Tyler’s voice has this pleasant cadence coupled with a self-depracating quick wit that really makes me laugh.

If you’ve never listened to podcasts – maybe it’s time to start.  In your car.  Folding laundry.  Doing the dishes.  Avoiding other tasks.  Whenever.

Hello Today – with Tripp & Tyler.


I feel pretty unqualified to even offer an entry here, but I do own those cool Frye boots so that’s something – right?  (Speaking of those boots – Hannah – for the love – bring them back to me please.)

I do have a boot problem.

I like boots better than people.

Well.  That’s an exaggeration.  I guess.

Have you ever worn Muk Luk boots?

They often sort of look like sweaters for your feet and your legs.

Which I’m a fan of.

I found these colorful additions for only $24 at Sierra Trading Post.

Can I share a Sierra Trading Post secret here?

Let’s see.

To save some dollars there – first, sign up for their newsletter.  You’ll get lots of e-mails, and that’s a pain, but in most of those e-mails you’ll receive a code that makes everything you buy way cheaper.

Also.  When you are exploring their online store of one mazillion bazillion choices, you might end up just stashing products in your virtual cart.  Products you may never actually purchase but are afraid you will lose if you wait to go back later to them.  Well.  Do this.  And then, when you check out as if you are going to purchase said items, stop the purchasing just before you actually give away your credit card info but after you have given your e-mail address.  Just close out that window and go to bed.  You’ll find, almost always, that after a day or two you’ll receive a handy e-mail offering you free shipping or an additional discount code for your purchase.  That free shipping, plus your coupon code, can add up to a convenient little savings for you.


You know the crock pot is my buddy.

Last night, before a long and fun day out in the woods, I arose before the dawn to lovingly prepare a future meal for my children.  (I mean, kind of.  I got up earlier than I wanted and later than I should and ran around anxiously and rushed chopping and pouring and stirring to be ready to leave the house on time.)

It was this Minestrone Soup.

(I didn’t add the zucchini or even the exact type of pasta this called for – but the kids all ate it and it was loaded with spinach so I’d call that a win!)


There’s a verse in the gospels that has a phrase that this father says right after his son has been healed —

Immediately the boy’s father cried out and said, “I do believe; help my unbelief.”

And yes.  Yes.  That.

I believe.  Help my unbelief.

And with that thought – there’s this song …

All Sons & Daughters – A Reason To Sing.

Because it’s so true for me in The Right Now.

When the pieces seem too shattered
To gather off the floor,
And all that really matters
Is that I can’t feel You anymore.

I need a reason to sing.
I need to know that You’re still holding
The whole world in Your hands.

When I’m overcome by fear
And I hate everything I know,
If this waiting lasts forever
I’m afraid I might let go.


this face …

That is all.